Cueing Questions

Written by Mesquite Independent School District


Questions can be a constant source of irritation for the learning disabled child. Fortunately there are many techniques available that can relieve this irritation. Some of the more common methods include: asking fewer questions, rewording in easier terms, avoiding essay type questions, utilizing matching, true or false, and multiple choice types of questions, or allowing more time for response. If these choices do not appeal to you, you may want to try one or more of these options:

  • Beside the question write down on what page the information may be found. This would work really well on information that has been color coded.
  • Number the paragraphs of a chapter and cue answer with number of paragraph.
  • Same as #2, but you underline or color code answer in the paragraph.
  • As questions occur either within the context of the chapter or at the end of the chapter, list the questions with the correct answer. Record the page number where the question/answer may be found.

Example: Questions Unit 1

p.15 Do you know?

1. What is a community?

(p. 2) a group of people living together.



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