Vocabulary Sheets

Extract all boldfaced, italicized, or new concept words from the chapter. The words should be listed in the order they occur within the chapter. The corresponding page number can be recorded to the left of the word.

Example - Unit 1

  • p.2 community - a group of people living together.
  • P-3 village - a collection of houses in a rural area.
  • p-3 Town - a collection of houses and other buildings that is larger than a village yet smaller than a city.
  • p-4 City - a large, organized community that has a charter from the state.

Using the vocabulary sheet, place all vocabulary words for the chapter on 3 x 5 cards. File in card box by chapters.

Using the vocabulary sheets developed for all chapters, place the words on 3 x 5 cards and file in alphabetical order.

Record on tape the vocabulary words for each chapter.

Procedure for recording:

  • State the word - page number where the word may be initially found - restate the word.
  • State the definition as recorded on the vocabulary sheet.


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