The following Amarillo ISD schools offer a Pre-Kindergarten (4-year-old) program for children who meet age and income eligibility requirements:


Avondale (326-4000)                                                      Olsen Park (326-4900)

Belmar (326-4050)                                                         Paramount Terrace (326-4950)   

Bivins (326-4100)                                                           Pleasant Valley (326-5000)

Carver ECA (326-4200)                                                   Ridgecrest (326-5100)

Coronado (326-4250)                                                     Rogers* (326-5150)                                   

Eastridge* (326-4300)                                                    San Jacinto (326-5200)

Emerson* (326-4350)                                                     Sanborn* (326-5250)

Forest Hill* (326-4400)                                                   South Georgia (326-5350)

Glenwood* (326-4450)                                                   South Lawn (326-5400)

Hamlet (326-4500)                                                         Sunrise* (326-5450)

Humphrey’s Highland* (326-4550)                                   Tradewind (326-5500)

Lamar (326-4600)                                                          Western Plateau (326-5550)

Landergin (326-4650)                                                     Whittier* (326-5600)

Lawndale (326-4700)                                                      Wills (326-5650)

Lee* (326-4750)                                                            Windsor (326-5700)

Mesa Verde (326-4800)                                                  Wolflin (326-5750)
Oak Dale (326-4850)          


*includes bilingual sections or bilingual program availability


NOTE:  If the campus where the child should attend does not offer pre-kindergarten, parents should contact the principal regarding a request for transfer to one of the campuses that does service that area.


Three year-olds:  Belmar, Bivins, Carver ECA, Coronado, Eastridge, Emerson, Forest Hill, Glenwood, Humphrey's Highland, Lamar, Lawndale, Ridgecrest, Rogers, San Jacinto, Sanborn, Tradewind, Whittier and Wills elementaries provide pre-kindergarten for eligible 3-year-olds. In addition, eligible 3-year-olds may be dually enrolled in community-based pre-kindergarten classrooms and childcare. These community-based pre-kindergarten programs for 3- and 4-year-olds are available at four day care sites and two Region 16 Head Start sites in Amarillo.  The sites are each affiliated with an AISD elementary school and offer half-day pre-kindergarten taught by AISD teachers. For more information, call 326-1320 or go to the Early Childhood Education page.


Needed Documents:
The following documents must be presented at the time of enrollment in pre-kindergarten:

Proof of income-----required even if the family is receiving assistance;

Birth certificate or certified copy

Immunization records

Social Security card (if available)

Proof of residence (bring one of the following:)

o   Current utility bill (this includes water, gas, electric or cable/satellite.  Phone bills and cell phone bills will not be accepted as proof of residence.  Driver’s license will not be accepted as proof of residence.)

o   A recent (within the last 60 days) rent receipt, or a current lease or rental agreement.

o   The most recent mortgage statement, copy of a tax return, or tax receipt showing home ownership, or a contract to build or purchase a house.

Age Requirements:  Children entering the 4-year-old pre-kindergarten program must be four years of age on or before September 1, 2017. Children entering the 3-year-old pre-kindergarten program must be three years of age on or before September 1, 2017. A birth certificate or other suitable document will be used as proof of age.

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