Transfers FAQ

Transfers Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my transfer request has been approved?
Principals will notify parents in writing no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the school year whether their transfer request has been approved or denied.

If I start the school year at a particular school, then move to another neighborhood or out of AISD, can I still stay at my current school?
Yes, a student who moves from one attendance area to another, or who moves out of the AISD, may either choose to remain at the original school for the remainder of the current school year or attend the new school immediately.

If I turn in my transfer application early, will it have a better chance of being approved?
Not necessarily. All transfer request applications are due by May 1 for the next school year. There are certain priorities that will be considered first. For example, students who have completed the previous year on transfer, siblings of current students on transfer, and students who want to enroll in a specific program that is not offered at their home campus will receive priority consideration.  After all intradistrict transfers have been considered, and if there is still space available, schools may consider interdistrict transfer requests. Transfer applications submitted after May 1 will be considered after the original group of applications.

What are some reasons my transfer application to another school in AISD would be denied?
Possible reasons for denial of an intradistrict transfer request include, but are not limited to:
1. Maximum enrollment on a campus has been reached.
2. The student wishes to avoid disciplinary action at his or her current school.
3. Class size limits would be exceeded.
4. The student has engaged in conduct or misbehavior within the preceding year that resulted in removal to a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP).
5. The student has had attendance issues at his or her previous school.

If my transfer request is denied, can I appeal the decision?
Yes. If an intradistrict transfer request is denied, the parent or guardian may appeal the decision in writing to the District Hearing Officer within ten days of notification of denial. In the case of an interdistrict transfer request, any appeals should be made in accordance with the standard complaint process, outlined in Board policies FNG(LOCAL) and GF(LOCAL).

If I am a high school student on transfer to another school, can I participate in UIL athletics at the new school?
A transfer student in high school is eligible for athletics and UIL sponsored activities under the UIL transfer rules. If a student changes residence from one high school attendance area to another, the student may choose to retain UIL eligibility at the original school and continue to attend and participate there, or attend the new school, subject to the UIL transfer rule. For more information, call the AISD Athletic Office at 806‐326‐1101.

Can I request a transfer for my child in the middle of the school year?
Once a student starts the school year at his or her neighborhood school or another school on transfer, the choice cannot be changed during that school year except in the case of a hardship. (See “Hardship Transfer” above.) It is up to the principal at the receiving school whether or not to approve the transfer.

If a student has been enrolled on transfer at a particular elementary school for two or more years, can that student be returned to his or her home campus if the transfer school suddenly becomes out of compliance with the 22:1 rule?
No. A student in grades K – 4 who has attended a school on transfer for at least two complete and consecutive years and any siblings at the same school are exempt from being returned to the home campus if the return is for reasons of class size or building capacity compliance. Even though a student is exempt from being returned to his or her home campus, the application for transfer must be resubmitted each year.

Can my transfer be revoked for any reason?
Yes. At any time during the school year, the district may revoke an intradistrict transfer for excessive absences or disruptive behavior on the part of the student.

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