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Campuses for 4-Year-Old Pre-K

Campuses for 4-Year-Old Pre-K

In the previous step, you were able to see which school is your child’s home campus.  To begin the process of registering your child for 4-year-old Pre-K, please contact your child’s home campus using the contact information below.

Avondale 806-326-4000

Bivins 806-326-4100

Coronado 806-326-4250

Eastridge 806-326-4300

Emerson 806-326-4350

Forest Hill 806-326-4400

Glenwood 806-326-4450

George Washington Carver
Early Childhood Academy 806-326-4200

Hamlet 806-326-4500

Humphrey’s 806-326-4550

Lamar 806-326-4600

Landergin 806-326-4650

Lawndale (at Head Start only) 806-326-4700

Park Hills 806-326-4750

Mesa Verde 806-326-4800

Oak Dale 806-326-4850

Paramount Terrace 806-326-4950

Pleasant Valley 806-326-5000

Rogers 806-326-5150

Sanborn 806-326-5250

San Jacinto 806-326-5200

South Georgia 806-326-5350

South Lawn 806-326-5400

Sunrise 806-326-5450

Tradewind 806-326-5500

Whittier 806-326-5600

Wills 806-326-5650

Wolflin 806-326-5750

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If you need assistance with navigating this process, please contact:

  • Rose Hambrick, Executive Secretary, Assistant Superintendent’s Office, 806-326-1145
  • Veronica Duran, Executive Secretary, Assistant Superintendent’s Office, 806-326-1155
  • Brittany Hinz, Early Childhood Education Coordinator, 806-326-1320