Work At Home Expectations

Work At Home Expectations During The COVID-19 School Closure

All staff are required to check their emails regularly during the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

  • Teacher expectations for work at home are to communicate with students weekly to offer support related to at home learning. This contact may happen through methods such as phone calls, school issued technology, Google Meet, See-Saw, Remind, Dojo, and AISD Google email. Depending on the volume of needed assistance a teacher might receive, teachers will have 24 hours to respond. Students needing assistance will correspond through email, Google Classroom, or campus communication methods to request support.
  • Counselors, SPED teachers, Dyslexia Interventionists, and any other staff who provide specialized services will communicate with students and parents on a systematic basis to ensure continuity of services, according to guidance from their immediate supervisor.
  • All other staff will be asked to support District/campus needs, such as parent-student contact, professional development, and routine District/campus work at home. In the coming days, staff members not specifically listed above will receive work at home duty assignments from their supervisor.

Expectations regarding absences and leave during this closure

  • No new absences will be entered, with the exception of teacher absences requiring a Long Term Sub. All absences will be coded as COVID-19, excluding Paid Administrative Leave and Leave of Absence.
  • All extended leave (FML, Sick Leave Pool/Bank…) is suspended. Staff that are currently on any type of extended leave are still prohibited from regular work without a doctor’s release. Those absences will be coded as COVID-19 and will not be included in the total leave days allowed.
  • Staff that begins extended leave during this closure will continue to work with the benefits department by phone/email
  • As soon as schools reopen and employees return to work, all standard leave rules will be reinitiated, as well as EPSL and EFML

Expectations regarding recording time (clocking in/out) during this closure

  • All hourly staff that are working from home, should continue to clock in/out, using Peoplesoft manual entry from home. Limits on manual entry overrides have been removed.
  • All hourly staff that are working ON-SITE, will continue to clock in/out
  • If no manual entry or fingerprint clock in/out was recorded beginning Monday 3/23/2020, hourly staff must manually enter their actual work hours from that date until this closure is over. The payroll department will autofill timesheets to get hourly staff to their standard hours with a COVID-19 code.
  • Pay will be based on the standard pay rate and days scheduled to work

Evaluations during this closure

  • All staff evaluations have been waived for the 2019-2020 school year

Tips to make work at home successful

  1. Make and follow a schedule (think like you are clocking in and clocking out)
  2. Get out of your pajamas (try to make work time----work time)
  3. Make your workspace a productive and professional space
  4. If you have school aged children at home, try to schedule your work times with theirs
  5. Keep distractions to a minimum (limit social media and turn the TV off while you are working)
  6. Stay active. Most school employees are active all day long, so don’t let this closure change that
  7. Follow your supervisor’s directions for work at home
  8. Reach out for help: professional, social and emotional!
  9. Embrace this time of change. Before you know it, we will be back to our usual schedule

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