Staff Roles

In an effort to limit the number of personnel in each District building and to help stop the spread of COVID-19, AISD has implemented the following staff roles. Please remember these social distancing and hygiene recommendations:

  • Stay home if you are ill, have been exposed, are of the age you may feel compromised, or have a compromised immune system.
  • Wash your hands often, no groups of more than 10 people, cover your cough, and don’t shake hands.

Our current plan for work schedules is as follows:

  1. See below for assigned roles during this period of closure.
  2. Unless you are identified ‘Essential’, you will work from home.
  3. If you are identified ‘As needed’, you will work from home unless notified by the supervisor shown in parentheses.
  4. All AISD staff who are working from home will receive regular communication from their direct supervisor concerning work activities and expectations. This will include being available during regular work hours to conduct ‘at home work’ and the ability to respond to your supervisor in a reasonable amount of time if requested.
  5. All employees will follow social distancing recommendations and requirements including limiting groups to no more than 10 people.
  6. If you are identified as ‘Essential’ or ‘As needed’, these are voluntary designations. If you feel you meet the CDC criteria as listed above or are fearful of being outside your home, feel free to ask your supervisor to identify someone else and work from home. Only in unforeseen circumstances might you be required to report on-site as an ‘Essential’ or ‘As needed’ employee.
  7. We will monitor the situation daily to make changes as necessary.
  8. All full-time and part-time staff will receive standard compensation.
  9. For those who do not have a standard work schedule, they will be compensated based on the previous pay period.
  10. In an effort to support any employee who falls outside these guidelines, they should contact the Human Resources office for a pay evaluation.

Head Custodian--Essential
Assistant Head Custodian--Essential
All other campus-based staff—As needed

  • All ESD personnel—(Kevin)
  • All other custodial staff—(Kirk)
  • All other itinerant campus-based staff—(immediate supervisor)
  • All other para-professional positions—(Principal)
  • Assistant Principal—(Principal)
  • CAS—(Principal)
  • Counselor—(Tracey)
  • High School Diagnostician—(Kelly)
  • Librarians—(Elizabeth)
  • Mental Health—(Tracey)
  • Nurses—(Patricia)
  • Social Worker—(Tracey)
  • Teachers—(Principal)

Maintenance and Warehouse
Aaron Barnes—Essential
Cindy Ray—Essential
Custodial Coordinators—Essential
Greg Allen—Essential
Tim Loan—Essential
Paul Ortega—Essential
All other personnel—As needed (Kirk)

Park West
Kelly Guillen—Essential
Leslee Weaks—Essential
Camillia Johnston—Essential
Tammy Breitbarth—Essential
All other personnel—As needed (Kelly or Tammy)

Plains and TAC
All Bilingual and ESL personnel—As needed (Kevin)
All other personnel—As needed (Kelly)

Accounts Payable—Essential
All print shop personnel—Essential
Assistant Superintendent Secretaries—Essential
Executive Team—Essential
HR Directors—Essential
Jerry Steen—Essential
Joel Olson—Essential
John Holman--Essential
Karen Criswell—Essential
Kevin Clayton—Essential
Melynda Bettis—Essential
Mike Howsmon—Essential
Paul Bourquin—Essential
Ronda Morgan—Essential
Terri McCormick—Essential
Trevor Babbitt--Essential
All other ESC Staff—As needed (immediate supervisor)

  • All Benefits personnel—(Pati)
  • All other accounting and payroll personnel—(Terri)
  • All other HR personnel—(Chris)
  • All other security personnel—(Paul)
  • All other technology personnel—(Jeff)
  • Athletics—(Brad)
  • Communications—(Holly)
  • Community Partnerships—(Doug)
  • Debbie Chapman—(Pati)
  • Instructional Team—(Kevin)
  • Internal Auditors—(Pati)
  • Purchasing—(Kirk)

Food Service
Matt Buck—Essential
David Hvreem—Essential
Site meal prep and delivery—Essential
All other personnel—as needed (Matt)

Robert Scrimpsher—Essential
Juan Mota—Essential
Drivers—on call daily
All other transportation personnel—As needed (Kirk)

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