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Bus transportation will continue to be provided for all who qualify. Transportation is provided for all ARD approved special education students, homeless students, and eligible general education students who live two or more miles from their designated home campus. As a response to COVID-19, Amarillo ISD encourages all families, with the ability to do so, to transport students to and from school. Bus transportation will be offered; however, the standard number of transported students compromises the ability to socially distance. All students (age and health exceptions) riding buses must wear face masks.

For enhanced health safety:

  • Before entering the bus, each student will be instructed with specific safety protocols (i.e. seat assignment) to maximize physical distance while on the buses
  • When possible, siblings or students residing in the same household will be seated together
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on each bus and students will use the hand sanitizer upon entry to the bus
  • All bus drivers and monitors will wear appropriate face coverings
  • All students (age and health exceptions) riding buses must wear face masks. Families are required to provide these for their students.
  • Each bus will be sanitized between routes and Transportation staff members will be trained in proper sanitizing procedures
  • When possible, windows and roof vents will be opened while the bus is operating to increase the fresh air flow through the bus. Buses equipped with air conditioners will continue to be used in conjunction with the open windows.
  • Bus stop locations may change from previous years in some areas to reflect the actual students who are utilizing bus service. As a result, some locations may require a student to walk to a different bus stop.
  • Buses will be thoroughly cleaned after each trip, focusing on high touch surfaces such as bus seats, steering wheels, knobs, and door handles. During cleaning, windows will be open to allow for additional ventilation and air flow.