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Back to School Registration

Please view important information regarding Districtwide face mask protocols (Opens in new window).

Parents are highly encouraged to visit our Return to School main hub that provides important information for the 2020-2021 school year, such as:

  • Instructional Options (In-Person Instruction and Virtual Instruction information)
  • Health and Safety Protocols
  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Step 1:  During online registration, parents will choose an instructional option for each child. This decision allows campuses to staff and schedule accordingly.

Virtual EdYOUcation students will need to:

  • Select a course that can be taught in its entirety in a virtual setting; or

  • Plan to participate in an intentionally designed mix of campus and virtual learning

Current AISD students will be able to register for the 2021-2022 school year beginning July 19, 2021 via Skyward family Access (Opens in new window). Our Skyward page has the Skyward Family Access login portal link and also contains links that can help families with instructions for registering a student for classes online, which can be achieved in Skyward Family Access, and a “How to” guide for using Skyward Family Access.

  • If you do not have your Skyward Access login, please contact your home campus for login information. They will verify you and your students identity to reset your access.
  • If you have moved over the summer and will be attending a new school, please complete the following Student Proof of Residency Form: (Opens in new window). This will notify the new home campus of your new address. Once verified, the new home campus will contact your old school to move your Skyward registration to your new school.

New Students to AISD will need to register using the following New to AISD links:


Counselors will finalize class schedules on a date to be determined later for those students who have elected Virtual EdYOUcation.

Schedules for students who choose In-Person EdYOUcation were completed based on their course selections submitted in the spring. Schedules will be available in Skyward Family Access at a date to be determined later.


Step 2:  After registering online, parents need to apply for free or reduced meal benefits online at (Opens in new window). The online meal application is fast, safe, and secure. SchoolCafe is a web-based program parents can apply from any device computer, cell phone, or tablet. To learn more, watch this is one-minute video about the Free and Reduced Lunch Application: (Opens in new window).

Parents can use SchoolCafe to make payments on student accounts, as well as check menus, nutrition/food allergy information. Parents get the student’s eligibility status when the online meal application is submitted and can then print the eligibility notifications.

**If you do not have your SchoolCafe login, the AISD Food Services Department at 806-326-1266 may be able to help.