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Board Committees

Board Committees and Membership
(as of the 2022-2023 school year)

Board policy BDB(LOCAL) Board Internal Organization – Internal Committees provides for the creation of internal committees to facilitate the efficient operation of the Board. Committees of the Board serve in a purely advisory role, with no power to take action or direct public business, which can only be done by a quorum of the Board at a public meeting. Committees are established by Board action and trustees are elected by their fellow Board members to serve on committees.

In addition to serving on internal Board committees, trustees also represent the Board on several District and community committees.

Audit Committee

  • Members: Dick Ford, Alonzo Everhart, Kimberly Anderson
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Board Audit Committee is to serve in an advisory role to review internal and external audit process and reports

Facilities Committee

  • Members: Doyle Corder, Alonzo Everhart, Dick Ford
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Board Facilities Committee is to assist the Board and Administration in evaluating current facility and property needs, creating an AISD facilities master plan, and proposing proper execution and funding sources for this plan. Further, the committee will continually evaluate facility and property needs and improvements.

Community and Governmental Affairs Committee

  • Members: Kimberly Anderson, David Nance
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Board Community and Governmental Affairs Committee is to cultivate relationships with elected officials to open lines of communication and increase opportunities to advocate for the interests of Amarillo ISD; to unify the messages individual trustees convey to legislators; and to monitor and review legislative actions to inform advocacy efforts.

Policy Committee

  • Members: Kayla Mendez, Kimberly Anderson
  • Purpose: The purpose of the Board Policy Committee is to establish policy review and adoption priorities; make recommendations for Board action on policies including the creation and amendment of policies; and review policy concerns raised by stakeholders to ensure compliance and fairness.

District Committees and Community Boards

In addition, the following trustees have been appointed by vote of the Board to represent the Board on these District committees and community boards:

  • Districtwide Educational Advisory Council: Doyle Corder
  • District Safety and Security Committee: Kimberly Anderson, Alonzo Everhart
  • Amarillo ISD School Health Advisory Council: David Nance
  • City of Amarillo (Downtown) Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) Board of Directors: Dick Ford
  • City of Amarillo East Gateway TIRZ #2 Board of Directors: Doyle Corder