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Mechanical Department

Mechanical Department

Supervisor: Jeff Millner

Foreman: Wayne McDonald

Hours: 7:30 to 4:00

Mission Statement

To maintain and repair heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and energy management systems throughout the district. We take pride in providing safe, comfortable, and sanitary facilities.

The Department


  • Maintain and repair heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Install complete heating and cooling systems
  • Fabricate sheet metal for ducts and vents
  • Control air flow distribution, temperature, and balance
  • Replace heating and air conditioning filters
  • Perform preventative maintenance of HVAC related equipment
  • Maintain and repair refrigerated drinking fountains


  • Repair or replace plumbing fixtures, valves, and water heaters
  • Repair or replace water and sewer lines
  • Perform annual gas line leak tests to assure a safe environment for students


  • Engineer energy management control systems
  • Install energy management system hardware and related equipment
  • Configure energy management software and related systems
  • Maintain and repair energy management systems
  • Schedule heating and air conditioning throughout the district
  • Checking and controlling heat and air through Control Technologies software 

 Energy Management