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Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Guides

Proclamation 2014’s Impact on Instructional Materials:

While Senate Bill 6 gave school districts more control over what resources are purchased, the funding districts receive to buy instructional materials was cut. Since districts are not receiving adequate funding, districts cannot buy resources like textbooks and technology in the same quantities as in the past. AISD needs the Texas Legislature to provide adequate funding for instructional materials since districts are required to guarantee they have instructional material which supports 100 percent of the TEKS.

AISD has a successful curriculum in place to drive classroom instruction. New materials like textbooks are no longer considered to be the best driver of instruction, and instead, are intended to be used as a classroom resource to supplement learning.

AISD's strategy has been to find the appropriate balance between digital and print resources for students and teachers. The district has ongoing training for teachers in how to use the new resources most effectively for instructional support.

Parents who want to assist their students at home are encouraged to communicate with the teacher to learn the best way that they can help their student succeed.

For more information about Proclamation 2014, please view this State Board of Education document (PDF opens in new window).

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