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CTE Programs Of Study

Endorsements & Programs of Study

In the State of Texas there are five Endorsement Areas for high school students. The Endorsement Areas consist of Arts and Humanities, Business and Industry, Multidisciplinary, Public Service, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Endorsements consist of a related series of courses that are grouped together, by interest or skill set, into a Program of Study. For example, within the Endorsement Area of Business and Industry there is a wide array of CTE Programs of Study such as Welding Technology, Accounting, Animal Science, Business Management, and many more for students to select as a Program of Study.

Programs of Study (POS) provide a framework for bridging academic and technical instruction in a sequenced pathway that expands, rather than limits, opportunities for today’s learners. These sequences:

  • Incorporates challenging state academic standards
  • Addresses academic, technical, and employability skills
  • Aligns with the needs of industries in the state, region, and/or local economy
  • Progresses in specificity, beginning with all aspects of industry and leading to more occupation specific instruction
  • Has multiple entry and exit points that incorporate credentialing and certifications
  • Culminates in the attainment of a recognized postsecondary credential

CTE Programs of Study Guide

View the Amarillo ISD CTE Programs of Study guide 2023-2024 (PDF opens in new window).

View the Amarillo ISD CTE Programs of Study guide 2022-2023 (PDF opens in new window).

Endorsement Area Videos & Programs of Study Information

Explore the tabs below to view the Endorsement Area video and specific information on each Program of Study within that Endorsement Area:

College Credit Opportunities

There are two ways to earn college credit through CTE programs, Articulated Credit and Dual Credit. The tabs below contain more information on each type of credit, and the courses offered within each type of credit.

Articulated Credit

Articulated Credit is credit earned in a high school CTE course that aligns with an equivalent college course. Each year, Amarillo ISD and Amarillo College faculty review and revise Articulated course offerings.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a measure of the College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) component of the state A-F Accountability System by which CTE may contribute to the campus and district ratings. Amarillo College’s Dual Credit program offers qualified high school students an opportunity to earn college credit while completing high school requirements. Dual Credit offerings within CTE programs of study are evaluated on an annual basis.


Career and Technical Education TEKS are found in two chapters of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 127, Career Development (Opens in new window), and Chapter 130, Career and Technical Education (by career cluster) (Opens in new window).