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COVID-19 Testing For Symptomatic AISD Students & Staff

FREE COVID-19 Testing for AISD Students & Staff

AISD offers free COVID-19 testing to currently enrolled AISD students showing symptoms or signs of COVID-19. Students may utilize the drive-through testing site on the southeast side of the Rod Schroder ESC any Tuesday through Friday that school is open.

PLEASE NOTE: The information in each PDF below is subject to change. For any visit to the testing location that you might plan to pre-register​ for, and participate in, please come to this web page and utilize the PDF links below to ensure you have the most up-to-date informaton for pre-registration tasks, consent form(s), and testing location map & instructions, etc.

  • All PDFs below are dated 12-2-2020 and are current versions for you to use
  • (Any new/updated versions will be announced within this bullet point list)

General Information PDF, Testing Consent Form PDF, and Testing Location & Instructional PDF

The General Information PDF contains important information that you need to read FIRST in order to know the testing site location and hours of operation. Additionally, the PDF contains a link (QR code is also provided for added convenience) to an online pre-registration form that you are REQUIRED to complete PRIOR to arriving at the testing site location. The PDF below also provides instructions or steps to complete PRIOR to arriving for a test.

The Testing Consent Form PDF is required and must be presented to the AISD staff member who will collect it from you at the testing site. Please open or download the consent form PDF, print the form onto paper, and complete the form by hand prior to arriving to the test site location—Be sure to select/print/complete the proper consent form below (A student must use the STUDENT form and a staff member must use the STAFF form). The test site location is a drive-through testing site on the southeast side of the Rod Schroder ESC building and therefore there is no access to a printer.

The Testing Location & Instructional PDF shows a map and diagram of the testing location, and also includes very detailed instructions for how the test will be conducted.