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Content Mastery

Definition of Service

The Content Mastery Program is an instructional support service for identified special education students who receive their primary instruction in the general education setting.

The Content Mastery model is a problem-solving model, constantly analyzing student performance in the mainstream. The Content Mastery Teacher works with the general education teacher to match the demands of the class with the skills of the student.

The Content Mastery Teacher obtains lesson plans, materials, etc., ahead of time to plan a quality support system for both the general education teacher and the student. Increased stimulus variation is offered to students by utilizing as many different strategies as necessary to teach an objective.

The Content Mastery Teacher offers a wide variety of services to the general education classroom teacher which provides the academic support necessary for students with learning disabilities to master curriculum objectives.

Expectations and Collaboration Needs

  • To have students with learning disabilities master essential elements of all their mainstreamed courses, making the highest grade possible.
  • To help the student with learning disabilities learn his strengths and weaknesses and ways in which to cope with these.
  • To aid the student with learning disabilities in becoming "study skill independent".
  • To unite the expertise of regular and special educators to provide the best education possible for students with learning disabilities.