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GT Professional Development

Teachers who provide instruction and services that are a part of the Gifted and Talented (GT) Program must receive a minimum of thirty clock hours of staff development which includes Nature and Needs of Gifted and Talented Students, Assessing Student Needs, and Curriculum and Instruction for GT students. This training should be complete before teachers are allowed to provide G/T services. If an exception must be made, a teacher must complete the 30 hour training within the first semester. As stated in the State Plan 4.1.2C "Teachers without required training who are assigned to provide instruction and services that are part of the district’s defined gifted and talented services are required to complete the thirty (30) hour training within one semester" (19 TAC §89.2(2)). This professional development is planned and offered annually by the Gifted and Talented Facilitators. Other 30 hour training opportunities must be approved by the Gifted and Talented Facilitator. In-depth training, such as Advanced Placement courses, may count for the Curriculum and Instruction portion of the training.

In addition to the initial 30 hours, teachers who provide instruction and services that are a part of a program for gifted students must receive a minimum of 6 hours annually of professional development in gifted education. Opportunities to obtain these hours are offered by Amarillo ISD. Teachers may also attend conferences or other staff development sessions that feature designated Gifted and Talented professional development at regional, state or national levels.

Teachers who are new to AISD and have had previous GT training must provide copies of documentation for credit. This documentation should be submitted to the GT Office at the Education Support Center.

Instructions for Uploading GT Certificates for Out of District Trainings (PDF opens in new window).

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