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Annual Update Guidelines

Annual Update Guidelines

The 6 hour update is annual and cannot be accrued for future years. The update spans the calendar year from January to December and should be thought of in terms of a year such as 2001 and not in terms of the school year such as 2001-02. Teachers must keep their own records on their update training. It is suggested to keep a folder with copies of your GT update certificates and initial 30 hour training certificate.

Trainings that count for 6 hour update: AP, Pre-AP, IB, AIM, ALI I, ALI II, PEBC(Minds on Math), and any training within AISD that is listed under the GT tab in eduphoria. Trainings from Region 16 must have AAS or GT credit on the certificate. (GT dept. no longer has a contract with Region 16)

All GT updates will now be tracked through Eduphoria. We will no longer be uploading to Google Drive. The only certificates that will need to be uploaded to Eduphoria are trainings you attend outside of AISD. (See attachment below)

In addition to being a state requirement, the purpose of the annual 6 hour update is to provide in-depth study after completion of the 30 hours and to keep teachers abreast of current issues and research in gifted education. Updates should clearly reflect a relationship to identifying or meeting the needs of gifted learners. Teachers should keep a balance in their updates which must always relate to one or more of the TAGT core areas of Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners, Identification and Assessment, Social and Emotional Needs, Creativity and Instructional Strategies, and Differentiated Curriculum.

Credit for all or a portion of the annual 6 hour update may be given for other AISD professional development provided:

  • The presenters are trained and knowledgeable in the field of gifted education;
  • The content would enhance services to or identification of gifted students;
  • And those offering the activity have received prior approval from the GT facilitator(s).

In addition, professional development activities that meet the outlined criteria and support campus improvement plans may be counted as the annual update or a portion of it if approved by the campus principal. A “Request for Approval” document may be obtained from the GT campus contact, GT facilitator.

The GT Department no longer has a contract with Region 16. Do not sign up for 6 hour updates or the 30 hour training unless your campus has agreed to pay the fee or you are going to pay the fee personally.

Uploading GT Certificates for Training Outside of AISD (PDF opens in new window)