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General Instructions

Our school buildings may be closed temporarily, but we remain committed to providing at-home instruction so our students can continue to make academic progress. Thank you for your partnership, your patience and support as we transition to at-home learning.

  1. Please keep in mind as students and parents begin adjusting to doing school work at home, your student’s teacher and other campus staff will be best equipped to help with questions about specific assignments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your school, or one of the resources listed below, for help.
  2. During the time school is closed, assignments and lessons will be delivered to all AISD students either online or through weekly paper-and-pencil packets.
  3. The At Home learning web pages contain assignments, schedules and instructions by grade level and by subject for students to continue learning at home via the internet. You’ll want to check this page often for updates and new information.

AISD WiFi Coverage & Help Desk Information

WiFi Coverage
AISD has turned up campus-based wireless access points in an attempt to strengthen the WiFi coverage in school parking lots. By turning up our wireless access, staff and students of Amarillo ISD who need Internet access can park in a school parking lot and obtain connectivity while still observing social distancing guidelines.

For At-Home Learning Instructional Help, Call Your School Campus
The at-home learning instructional help desk is closed. Please contact your school campus for assistance with at-home learning needs.

The Digital Learning team has also put together some online resources to help families with at-home learning. View our At-Home Learning help resources (Opens in new window).

Technical Computer Issues? Contact the Office of Technology at 326-1111
The Office of Technology is manning its regular help desk for more technical computer issues that are typically hardware related. You can reach them at 326-1111 from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.