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DEAC Minutes November 15, 2016

Amarillo ISD
Districtwide Educational Advisory Council (DEAC) Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2016

Rod Schroder Education Support Center, Board Room

4:30 pm


Committee Members Present: Brenda Flow, Camillia Johnston, Connie Chavez, Dana Bolin, Doug Fairchild, Gina Lewis, Holly McLean, Jackie Mercer, Janelle Johnson, Justin Ruiz, Kellie Krahn, Kellie Neeley, Malory Brown, Marissa M. Cochran, Michael Armstrong, Robby Barrett, Rodolfo Soleyjacks

District Administrators Present: Sandy Whitlow, Doug Loomis, Kel Spradling

 The meeting began at 4:30 pm.

  1. Welcome – Sandy Whitlow welcomed the committee and reviewed the focus for the meeting. 

  2. Commissioner Rules Update/Superintendent – Doug Loomis presented information to the committee about the Superintendent’s evaluation. The Commissioner of Education at the TEA has removed the previous evaluation tool for superintendents. As a district, we have to determine how to evaluate our superintendent. The district has always done more than what the commissioner rule has required. Doug gave the recommendation that the district continue to use the instrument we have been using for many years. Sandy called for a vote by show of hands. The council voted unanimously in favor of continuing the use of the same evaluation instrument for AISD’s superintendent. 

  3. Plan for District Improvement – Sandy Whitlow reviewed the completion of the strategies and the first formative review. The committee was reminded that the strategies can be revised or discontinued if they are not improving instruction and/or making progress toward meeting the performance objectives targets. There were no questions from the committee. 

  4. 2017-18 School Calendar – Sandy Whitlow reviewed the function of this committee in developing the school calendar. The committee reviewed the Calendar Points for Consideration document. A draft calendar with a start date of August 28 was reviewed. The mandatory start date for students is the fourth Monday in August (EB Legal).  The committee also reviewed a draft calendar based on the flexibility of the district becoming a District of Innovation. The School Board is discussing plans to begin the process of becoming a District of Innovation. Sandy said the Board had not approved a resolution to become a District of Innovation so the DEAC needed to wait to actually develop a calendar until we know which direction AISD will move. Also, DEAC could possibly be recommended by the Board to be the District of Innovation committee. Committee members were asked to study the drafts in order to make recommendations and revisions at the next DEAC meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 pm.

Minutes prepared by Kel Spradling, District Support


Tentative future meeting dates: December 20, January 17, April 18, and May 16