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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology needs of each student who is eligible for special education services must be considered in the development of the IEP. The ARD committee may take one of three actions:

(1)  The ARD committee may determine that no AT devices/services are required by the student.

(2)  The ARD committee may determine that AT devices/services are required by the student and include them in the IEP. 

(3)   The ARD committee may determine they have exhausted potential assistive technology solutions available at the campus level and request an assistive technology evaluation be completed. All IDEA requirements regarding notice and parent consent apply.

A formal AT evaluation need not be conducted for every student with a disability. 

If members of the ARD committee are knowledgeable about the student's functional needs and the range of appropriate AT devices/services to meet those needs, then the ARD committee may decide what AT devices/services should be provided for the student without a formal AT evaluation.

If the ARD committee requests an AT evaluation, it should be determined under which category (or categories) the AT evaluation would fall:

  • Computer access (adaptations or accommodations other than those available to other students in general or special ed)
  • Environmental control (classroom adaptations to benefit from instruction such as proximity, sound, lighting, seating and positioning)
  • Communication (low tech and/or high tech)
  • Listening
  • Visual aids
  • Mobility
  • Physical education/recreation
  • Personal management and daily living
  • Pre-vocational and vocational

If the AT evaluation will be completed by staff other than the campus diagnostician or speech-language pathologist, then a *Request for AT Evaluation Form will be completed by the campus diagnostician and forwarded to the appropriate staff.

Upon completion of the AT evaluation, the ARD committee will review the AT evaluation recommendations. Once an assistive technology device/service has been determined educationally necessary in order for the student to receive FAPE, the ARD committee should document the required assistive technology in the IEP.

The ARD committee may determine whether the assistive technology device and/or service is an accommodation, related service or supplemental aid.

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