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Transition ARD

Transition ARD From Elementary to Middle School or From Middle School to High School

  • When an ARD is being held to consider the move of a student from an elementary school to a middle school or from a middle school to a high school, the ARD meeting will be held at the current home campus with representatives from the receiving campus invited to attend.
  • The IEPs to be implemented at the receiving school will be the responsibility of the receiving school with input from and collaboration with personnel from the sending school. The input and collaboration may be in the form of the following:
    • current IEPs from the sending schools,
    • Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) information sheets from the current teachers,
    • telephone conversations between current and future teachers,
    • face to face conferences between instructional personnel from the sending and receiving schools,
    • etc.

Parent participation in the construction of the draft IEP can also prove to be very beneficial in the formation of the draft IEP and in facilitating parent input to the ARD meeting.

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