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Residential Treatment Facilities and Nursing Homes

Residential Treatment Facilities (RF) And Nursing Homes

Each nursing home, or RF will receive an annual notice which will include the District's responsibility to serve students between the ages of 3 and 21, the name of the Director of Special Education, phone number, and address of the Education Support Center.

A student, age birth through 21 years, with disabilities who is placed directly by his/her parents in a nursing home facility or RCT, shall have access to special education services provided by the public schools.

  1. The referral process for a student residing in a facility will be the same as for other students.
  1. An ARD Committee shall convene to make determinations concerning eligibility/IEP/placement.
  1. If a student becomes disabled after graduation, but before their 22nd birthday, the district will do a needs assessment to determine if a referral to special education is warranted. Above procedures will be followed.

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