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Extended School Day

Extended School Day

Definition of Extended School Day Services

An individualized instructional program for eligible students with Autism that are provided beyond the regular school day. The need for ESD services must be determined on an individual basis by the admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee.  The need will be based on data of the student's performance on IEP goals and objectives. If the ARD committee determines that the student is not making progress at a reasonable pace or does not maintain a skill level then the ARD can consider meeting the needs within the school day with a variety of options, for example,

  • differentiated teaching strategies
  • general education tutoring
  • related services
  • decreasing student to staff ratio
  • increasing special education instruction

If after the options are implemented, progress is reviewed and IEP goals and objectives are still not showing adequate progress within the school day, the ARD committee needs to determine additional instruction beyond the school day on those goals and objectives. The ARD committee should develop a plan to address the student's individualized education program (IEP) beyond the school day.  This plan must include the objectives that will be worked on during ESD, along with the duration and intensity of services.

The ESD services are located at the student's current school setting. The hours will begin at the end of the student's school day and will be staffed by qualified personnel under the direction of a certified teacher. ESD is not provided on weekends and school holidays.

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