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Services to Students with Visual Impairment

Services To Students With Visual Impairment

certified teacher of the visually impaired will coordinate with the teachers to determine specialized instructional materials, aids, and services needed for individual students.

During annual ARD meetings, determination regarding assistive devices, books, tapes, and manipulatives will be made.

For students placed in Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) based upon local school district ARD committee recommendations, the school district shall be responsible for transportation at the beginning and end of the term and for regularly scheduled school holidays when students are expected to leave the residential campus. Transportation costs shall not exceed state approved per diem and mileage rates unless excess charges can be justified and documented. Transportation shall be arranged using the most cost efficient means. Where it is necessary for the safety of the child as determined by the ARD committee for an adult designated by the ARD committee to accompany the student, round-trip transportation for that adult shall be provided. The school district and the residential facility shall coordinate to ensure that students are transported safely, including the periods of departure and arrival. The school district shall make all arrangements, including travel and lodging, if needed to ensure compliance with state regulations.

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