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Grade Placement ARDS

Grade Placement ARDS (Grade 3 Reading, Grade 5 and 8 Reading and Math)


The following are the SSI grade advancement requirements for students receiving special education services. These requirements are for students taking TAKS, TAKS-Accommodated, or TAKS-M.

  • In reading and math the student takes the grade level assessment determined by the ARD.
  • If the student fails the assessment, they will be provided accelerated instruction.
  • The student retakes the assessment.
  • If the student fails the second administration, the GPC ARD committee meets to prescribe appropriate accelerated instruction and determines which assessment the student takes for the third administration.
  • The student retakes the assessment for the third time unless the parent waives the third administration opportunity.
  • If the student fails the third administration, the GPC ARD committee meets to determine promotion and detention based upon test scores, grades, progress toward current goals and objectives, and other facts and circumstances.
  • The ARD committee must develop an accelerated instruction plan whether they are retained or promoted.
  • In addition to accelerated instruction, the plan shall include interim progress reports to parents and the opportunity for parent consultations with the principal and / or teacher as needed.
  • For students served by special education the ARD committee functions as the GPC and determines the plan for acceleration; therefore, all legal requirements for any ARD must be in place.

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