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Placement Closest to Home Campus

Placement Closest to Home Campus

When a student needs a special program that is not offered on the student's home campus, the ARD committee:

  • gives first consideration to the student attending the campus with the appropriate program that is closest to the child's home as required by federal law
  • after consideration to "closest to home" the ARD may consider other "extenuating circumstances" such as class size, an attempt to keep the student in the same district cluster as neighborhood peers, etc.

A representative from the receiving campus must be present at the ARD and if the decision is made to go to the special program -- the receiving campus must be in agreement to the decision. The principal of the proposed receiving campus may call for a Pre-ARD staffing involving personnel from the student's current/home campus and/or district personnel who have been involved in the student's evaluation and placement.

When a parent wants a placement that is different from the placement that is determined by the above process, then the parent completes a transfer request (Amarillo ISD - FDB(Local) - Intradistrict Transfers) and the approval process is determined by the receiving principal rather than an ARD committee.

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